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Over the past three decades, ASK LLP has become one of the nation's leading law firms for (i) the recovery and defense of avoidance actions, (ii) large portfolio commercial collections, (iii) enforcement of individual unsecured creditors' rights, and (iv) providing general bankruptcy advice customized to particular creditors, purchasers and debtors. Clients count on ASK to not only address their current legal needs, but to think "outside the box" and help them reach their goals in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

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ASK LLP is a nationally-recognized firm for mass torts and personal injury cases. Our team of experienced attorneys has decades of experience fighting for justice in Courts across the United States. We level the playing field and work hard to get you PAID.

Attorneys working for ASK have recovered millions of dollars for clients who have been harmed by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and other major corporations. Notably, we represented over 60,000 victims of OxyContin in the Purdue bankruptcy case.

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